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Hawkins Construction has been honorably serving its community and customers across North Texas. With over 50 combined years of construction experience, Hawkins Construction can deliver the expertise, equipment and manpower every time.

Hawkins Construction is a privately held construction firm specializing in construction management, site preparation, excavation, demolition, and removal. Collectively, our leadership team brings many years of experience in all phases of construction projects, and possesses vast experience in closely coordinating with local agencies.

Hawkins Construction has licensed and bonded, maintains the necessary financial resources, and the technical expertise to complete any work within a certain specified range. We own and maintain our own fleet of construction equipment and are always expanding to support our customer's needs. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and safety within the industry, and to achieving consistent results based on the highest standards.

Done right the first time.
Done right every time!

About Hawkins Construction in North Texas
  About Hawkins Construction in North Texas  
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